Relevant Factors to Consider when Purchasing Gas Alarm Sensors

With the concept of smart home being popular and awareness of household safety being enhanced in recent years, the usage rate of gas alarm is increasing. Also, actions with alarm is becoming more efficient because of the combination of gas alarm and the control of smart home, making it more widely welcomed.

We know, the essential requirements for a household combustible gas detector, or say combustible gas alarm, are to be sensitive enough toward target gas while to featured with high stability and resistance against interference. During use, drift tendency may appear to the combustible gas sensor alarm to a certain extent, that’s why it’s hard to produce gas alarm of high performance and quality. Therefore, to buy a high-quality combustible gas sensor alarm is especially important.

Then, when purchasing a gas alarm, what factors related to sensors should users care about? In short, the following two points need careful consideration.

Gas type

The first point is what type the target gas is. Customers buy equipment according to the type of gas they intend to detect, since that gas alarm are usually not for general use. In different areas the content of fuel gas are also different, so the gas sensor to be selected shall be calibrated and tested with local gas content.

Generally speaking, natural gas alarms are for occasions using natural gas, manufactured gas and liquefied petroleum gas in a similar way. In occasions using lpg, general type combustible gas detector alarms calibrated by lpg can also be used.

Service life

When purchasing fuel gas alarms, the users should pay attention to the long-term stability and service life of the alarm. In a general way, the built-in detecting elements of the alarm, like combustible gas sensors, are often between 3-5 years. There may also be difference between domestic ones and imported ones. Users should consult about these issues to the retailers before purchasing. Here we ISWeek would like to recommend several types of combustible gas sensors:

日本figaro 可燃气体传感器/天然气传感器

Features of combustible gas sensor / natural gas sensor TGS2611:

* Low power consumption

* High sensitivity to methane gas

* Capable of filtering VOC gas including alcohol

* Long service life and low cost

* Simple application circuit

Pre-calibrated Methane Gas Sensor Module

Features of pre-calibrated methane gas module / natural gas module FSM-T-01:

* Digital quantitative output of Gas concentration in communication mode

* Resistant against interference of VOC gas like alcohol

* Programmable settings of alarm point output

* Factory calibrated and temperature compensation

* Small size and low cost


Features of combustible gas sensor / liquefied petroleum gas sensor TGS2610:

* Low power consumption

* High sensitivity to LP and gases containing LP (propane and butane)

* Resistant against interference of VOC gas like alcohol

* Long service life and low cost

* Simple application circuit

Pre-calibrated Combustible Gas Sensor Module

Feature of liquefied petroleum gas module FSM-10H-01:

* PWM or USART digital output in proportion to gas concentration

* Resistant against interference of VOC gas like alcohol

* Maintenance-free

* Small size

* Conform to RoHS

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