Applications of PM2.5 Sensors and VOC Sensors in Air Purifiers

Home, sweet home. When we are at home, we feel safe, relaxed and beloved. However, due to the worsening air pollution, our homes are being threatened by harmful matters like VOC, haze and PM2.5. Cannot breathe fresh air, we are not as healthy and happy as we used to be before.

To solve this problem, air purifiers are developed and introduced to people`s dwellings. They pump fresh and clean air into houses and safeguard people`s health.


At present ISweek supply following PM2.5 sensors and VOC sensors which can be applied in air purifiers:

Laser PM2.5 Sensor

PM2.5 sensor TF-LP01:

  • *Detection based on laser principle
  • *High accuracy
  • *Fast response
  • *Wide measurement range: 0~999ug/m3
Dust Sensor Module for Air Quality Monitor

PM2.5 sensor DSM501B:

  • *PWM output
  • *Detection based on IR principle
  • *Capable of detecting particles larger than 1μm
  • *Inbuilt-heater to enable automatic air suction
  • *Small sized and light-weight
  • *Easy installation
PM2.5 Particle Sensor Module

PM2.5 sensor PDSM010:

  • *Customizable sensitivity for effective control in different applications
  • *Capable of detecting particles of 1μm
  • *MCU control (factory calibration)
  • *Easy maintenance
  • *PWM output (low logic pulse activation)
  • *Noise resistance
日本figaro 空气质量传感器/VOC传感器

VOC sensor TGS2600:

* Low power consumption
* High sensitivity to polluted air
* Long service life and low cost
* Simple application circuit
* Small in size

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