How PM2.5 and Formaldehyde Influence Sleep Quality

Living in an accelerating pace, people are being haunted with sleeplessness. Sometimes people fail to fall asleep all night long, or awake frequently, then they have to suffer from exhaustion and anxiety in the next day. If insomnia lasts long, people may be infected with neurasthenia and depressive disorder.


The causes of insomnia are various, but there is one that is easily neglected–indoor air quality. According to USEPA, 68% of human diseases are caused by air pollution. When people are asleep, their immune system is also inactive, so that virus, bacteria and other harmful matters can easily get into human body and cause diseases. Moreover, a research done by health school of Harvard University found that air pollutant can stimulate central nervous system and lead to upper respiratory infection, which will worsen sleep-disordered breathing, and give rise to apnea and hypoxia. In summer when air pollution is severer, such problems are more apparent.


Researches have found that people feel more comfortable and sleep better in natural environment, like in rainy nights or hearing the sound of wind, water and birds. Air purifiers not only filter pollutants like PM2.5, formaldehyde, virus and bacteria to create a safe atmosphere, but can also simulate natural environment to some extent and release anion. It can enhance the harmony between people and their dwelling, so as to offer people a good environment to enjoy their sleep.

Shenzhen ISweek supplies following types of professional PM2.5 sensors and formaldehyde sensors for air purifiers:

PM2.5 Particle Sensor Module

PDSM010 PM2.5 Sensor Module(Korea)

PM2.5 sensor PDSM010 is capable of detecting particles of 1μm like cigarette smoke, pollen, microorganism, dust mite and indoor dust. It can measure concentration of floating particles in a room within 30㎥.

Laser PM2.5 Sensor

Figaro laser PM2.5 sensor - TF-LP01

TF-LP01 laser particle sensors are small modules that detect dust in the air based on scattering theory. They are of small size, high accuracy, excellent repeatability and consistency. This type of sensor can respond in real-time and implement continuous collection with high interference resistance and ultra silence. All sensors are 100% tested and calibrated when leave factor.

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