Applications of PID Sensors in VOC monitor systems in Industrial Parks

Photoionized (PID) detectors are often applied in Plant boundary online VOC monitor system, polluted air and VOC monitor equipment in industrial parks, and high accuracy VOC monitor systems to detect VOCs .

Conventional VOC gas detectors often use sensors based on catalytic combustion, so they respond slowly to C5 and gas over it, and may easily be poisoned. PID detectors solve such problems well. With fast response and no poison, they can be used as VOC gas detectors down to PPB level.PID is a kind of photoionized detector with high sensitivity and a wide range of application. PID gas sensors manufactured by Alphasense (UK) are used to detect low concentration of VOCs and other poisonous matters, among which   PID-A1 Photoionization Gas Sensor (PID Sensoris used to measure level between 1ppb-50ppm, which PID-AH is for50ppb-6000ppm.

Functional features of plant boundary online VOC monitor system, polluted air and VOC monitor equipment in industrial parks, and high accuracy VOC monitor systems:

1)standard technical route: the complete configuration system is provided complying with relevant national standards;

2)high-class software platform: multi-site data integration, analysis, report and issue via central site software platform

3)scientific algorithm: Gaussian plume model and judgmental algorithm of distributed redundant nodes are applied to realize the functions including stationing, comprehensive monitoring, calculation of pollutant diffuse trend and resolution of VOCs emission source.

4)precise monitor data: capable of detecting various kinds of gas simultaneously with high sensitivity, time and spatial resolving ability;

5)advanced software kit: data collection, analysis and visual software is applied to enhance monitor efficiency.

6)leading global trend of PID development: the third generation of intrinsic safety PID sensors are developed independently, and have won several international patents. These sensors are of faster response, stronger moisture resistance and larger measurement range while being capable of exchanging sensors without any tools, and supporting offline calibration;

7)PID patented self-cleaning technology: ensure the long-term performance of the sensor, extend its service life;

8)unique pump suction sampling: built-in powerful pump type, large measurement range , fast response and recover, sensitive smell;

9)ultra wide measurement range, range can be freely set, and the accuracy can reach ppb level;

10)3G open flow-through structure: double the measurement range, shorten response time by 10s, prolong maintenance-free period;

11)intelligent algorithm for temperature and zero point compensation: enable the instrument to present better performance;

12)capable of detecting thousands of gases: wide spectrum detection, in-built gas library, convenient for users to choose;

13)multiple signal output:fine adjustable 4~20mA(three-wire system), RS485 Modbus, three-step digital output (optional normally open/closed) ;

The picture below is a common VOC emission detection alarm system used in factories, and online VOC monitor system on plant boundaries:

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