Applications of Sensors in Monitor System of Utility Tunnels

With the acceleration of modern urbanization, the city pipe network is burdening increasingly heavier pressure to keep the city’s smooth operation. The expansion, transformation and maintenance of the pipelines always bring people lots of inconvenience, and cause large economic waste. Every year loss of hundred billions yuan is directly or indirectly made due to pipeline accidents caused by constructions. Seen from successful experiences of developed countries, the most scientific method is to build utility tunnels. Therefore, government sectors are holding positive attitude toward constructions of utility tunnels.


Applications of Sensors in Monitor System of Utility Tunnels

Utility tunnels are long in design, so sensors are often installed on points with proper distance to monitor data in real time:

Measurement o f Temperature, humidity and Oxygen Content

With the installation of temp&humidity sensors and oxygen sensors, these data can be measured in real-time in the utility tunnels. When two indexes reach alarm point, ventilation system will be started up to adjust inside temperature and humidity and enhance oxygen content, so as to ensure security of working environment.

Integrated Pressure, Humidity and Temperature (PHT) Sensor

Sensor MS8607 integrates functions of measuring temperature, humidity and pressure, so it can measure these three parameters in the tunnel simultaneously.

Oxygen detectors are used to measure oxygen content in the utility tunnels. It’ s an important device to keep constructors and supervision staff safe, since that excessive or insufficient oxygen will both place huge risk to human body.

Oxygen Gas Sensor (O2 Sensor)

Oxygen sensor(O2-M2) is an electro-chemical sensor. being often called oxygen cell, the sensor is 20mm sized and of 2 years service life. The sensors are mainly used to measure oxygen concentration in coal mines, steel industry, petrochemical engineering, medical care and tunnels, and are typically made into oxygen alarms and oxygen analyzers.

Electro-chemical oxygen sensor O2-M2 can be used in industries like coal mines, steel, petrochemical engineering, medical care and tunnels.

LuminOx Fluorescence Optical Oxygen Sensor (O2 Sensor)

The low cost, low power and long life LuminOx oxygen sensors, LOX-02/LOX-01 can be used to measure O2% and barometric pressure (optional). They are battery-powered, maintenance-free and small sized sensors of high accuracy, simple operation and none toxic materials. The sensors link to micro controllers direcly without additional devices.

Applications of LuminOx sensor LOX-02/LOX-01: Oxygen measurement; portable devices; breathing machine; inerting; medical care; laboratory equipment; agriculture; incubators; fire alarm; boiler condensation gas detection; oxygen supply on plateau; dispersion oxygen generating equipment; fruit storage; SF6 leakage system in power switch gear room; alarms in mines.

Electro-chemical oxygen sensor KE series(KE-25F3/KE-25/KE-50):(1)Long service life;(2)Free from interference of CO2, CO, H2S, NOx and H2;(3)low cost; (4)work at normal temperature; (5)stable signal output; (6)no external power needed; (7)no heating needed.

Applications of electro-chemical oxygen sensor (KE-25F3/KE-25/KE-50):(1)Medical: anaesthesia machine, breathing machine; (2) Biology: oxygen incubator; (3) Foods: refrigerating chamber, greenhouse; (4) Security: air conditioning; (5) oxygen detector.

Methane Detection

Methane sensors are used to detect leakage in natural gas pipelines, and measure methane concentration in real-time in storage. Also, with long time of fermentation, certain amount of H2S and CH4 may be generated in efurban waste water and sewage in tunnel’s plash, posing potential danger in the utility tunnels (H2S, NH3 and CO2 can be poisonous to people, and methane may be mixed with other gases to become explosive gas.)

Pre-calibrated Methane Gas Sensor Module

Methane gas detection alarm module—FSM-T-01

Besides, presence of various toxic gas in the utility tunnels may pose safety risks to people, so it is necessary to install toxic gas sensors in them. Technicians in ISWeek are willing to offer advice on this issue.

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