Applications of Temperature and Humidity Sensors in Smart Homes

In this era of IoT, people pursuing comfortable lives are paying more attention to health care and environmental quality. Smart city and smart homes appear consequently. Among all kinds of devices, environment monitoring devices used in smart homes are most popular, thus PM2.5 sensors and temperature and humidity sensors are widely applied.

For now, due to human activities and industrial construction, the environment we are living is suffering from heavy pollution. Air quality is dropping, and hazy weather is hitting many areas all around China, so it is high time to keep an eye on indoor air quality and purify the air we breathe.

PM2.5 sensor TF-LP01 automatically measures content of PM2.5 in the air based on scattering principle, and displays its readings on master computers and smart clients, or interconnect with other devices. Features with high accuracy, compact size and fast response, it can be integrated into air purifiers directly. When content of PM2.5 is too high in the air, windows can be controlled to be closed and air purifiers or ventilation system will be switched on to keep indoor air clean and fresh.

Miniature Digital Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Humirel (FR) temperature and humidity sensor with digital output – HTU21D

A temperature and humidity sensor measures temperature and humidity in the air and displays its readings on master computer and smart terminals. It can be interconnected with other devices and be controlled intelligently.

In smart home applications, the sensors implement real time measurements. Based on the collected data, the main control system control other smart devices intelligently. For example, when indoor temperature is too high, air conditioning will be turned on to cool the house down; and when the room is too dry or wet, smart humidifiers will be used. Being of low power consumption, small size and high accuracy, HTU21D is suitable for applications with limited space or budget, like air conditioning, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and printers.

Natural gas is used in many families. Its major component is methane, which will cause danger if it leaks in the air and reaches a certain concentration.

Detection and leakage alarm of methane is an important part of household air quality detection. Therefore various smart methane alarms and leak hunting products are developed, in which methane sensors are essential parts. Figaro methane detection module FSM-T-01integrates the sensor and its peripheral circuit, and is featured with 485 digital output for convenience of end users. The module can be used to measure methane concentration and set alarm point, so it`s an ideal product for natural gas measurement system in smart homes or civil use.


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