Specific Applications of an Air Purifier

In the famous British medical magazine The Lancet, an assessment on disease risk list kitchen air pollution (smog) the fourth biggest health risk, only after high blood pressure, smoking and excessive drinking. The number of people die of breathing kitchen smog is even larger than the sum total of people die of malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS.

Journal of National Cancer Society in the USA have done a study about Chinese farmers, and the outcome have confirmed the effect of kitchen air pollution on human health. With over 20,000 farmers in Yunnan Province investigated, Chinese and American scientists have found out that kitchen with no ventilation will double the possibility of lung cancer than those will good ventilation. The researcher indicated that on causing lung cancer, cooking range with no ventilation is as bad as smoking.

A research report from WHO indicates that 4.3 million people were killed by kitchen air pollution in 2012. 34% of these people died of apoplexy, 22% of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 26 of ischemic heart disease, and 6% of lung cancer.

In such conditions, the necessity of air purifier is without doubt.

Air purifier is to adsorb, degrade or transform various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, pollen, bacteria, allergen and decoration pollutant like formaldehyde), so as to enhance air cleanliness effectively. Such device are often for domestic, commercial and industrial uses.

Application areas:

  1. Newly decorated or refurbished dwellings
  2. Dwellings where the aged, children, pregnant women or newborns live in
  3. Dwellings of people who suffer from asthma, allergic rhinitis or hay fever
  4. Dwellings keeping pets or livestock
  5. Dwellings of bad ventilation or affected by passive smoking
  6. Hotels and public areas
  7. Dwellings for high quality living
  8. Hospitals.

Target users:

  1. Pregnant women: staying in polluted air will make expectant mothers uncomfortable and feel dizzy, sweaty, dry mouthed and want to vomit. The risk of being infected with heart heart disease will be tripled than those pregnant women who breathe fresh air, and even growth of the fetus will be affected.
  2. Children: with their unmature body, immune systems of kids are relatively weaker, and more vulnerable to indoor air pollution which will lead to developmental retardation, hematologic disorders, child bronchial asthma and even lower their intelligence.
  3. Office worker: working in a decent office building seems to be enviable,. However, to stay in an airtight space of constant temperature and poor air quality will lower working efficiency by making people feel dizzy, emotional, week and chest distress. In worse cases, it may cause various diseases or even cancer.
  4. The aged: with the age adding up, the somatic function of old people decreases, and chronic diseases will infect them. Old people exposed in air pollution are more likely to catch not only disease of respiratory system, including trachitis, sphagitis or pneumonia, but also cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure and cerebral hemorrhage.
  5. Patients of respiratory disease: for people who are suffering from rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and emphysema, living in polluted air will worsen their illness, while breathing fresh air will be helpful in recovering.
  6. Drivers: people who suffer from lack of oxygen inside the vehicle and exhaust pollution.

Here ISWeek would like to introduce some air quality sensors of good performance, which can significantly improve the effectiveness of air purifiers.

Laser PM2.5 Sensor

Figaro laser PM2.5 sensor – TF-LP01

TF-LP01 laser PM2.5 sensor is a mini-type module works on scattering theory to detect dust and particle matters in the air. It is of small size, high accuracy, excellent repeatability and consistency and strong interference resistance. This type of sensor adopts ultra-silent fan and is able to continuously collect data. They are 100% tested and calibrated in factory.


日本figaro 空气质量传感器/VOC传感器

Figaro air quality sensor/VOC sensor – TGS2600

Air quality sensor TGS2600 enjoys high sensitivity towards extremely weak air pollution (especially cigarette smoke). This sensor is able to detect several ppm of H2 and CO in cigarette smoke.VOC sensor TGS2600, which is mini sized, requires only 42mA for the heater, and its casing is of standard TO-5 metallic packaging.


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